Did you know the perfect hangout spot to spend a lazy afternoon with your friends can be your outdoor living space?

Put some soft cushions and cozy blankets under a pergola and you are good to go.

With minimal effort, you can not only enhance the elegance of your outdoors but can also create a functional outdoor setting.

Patio Covers are becoming an increasingly popular addition to modern homes, and it’s not hard to see why.

It is very easy to create a shaded spot and enjoy the fresh air under a pergola. Out of the endless variety of materials and styles, patio covers and especially louvered patio covers  are getting immensely popular to create the perfect outdoor oasis. In this post, we will discuss how to create an inviting hangout spot using louvered pergola.

What is a louvered patio covering?

A  louvered patio cover is a shaded structure which can be used for various activities like relaxing, dining, and hosting parties. A louvered roof is similar to the traditional pergola, except for the adjustable slats that can open and close. The adjustable feature in a roof has become a favorite design trend in 2023. Motorized controls  make these louvered patio covers highly functional and versatile.

The slatted pieces offer the functionality to adjust the position of the roof whenever needed. With the touch of a button, homeowners can control the amount of sunlight and shade that enters the space.

What makes Equinox Louvered Roofs the best choice?

Louvered roofs are usually made from wood or metal. No doubt the aesthetics of wood are delightful, however, it cannot withstand harsh weather. Wood can damage or rot over time and needs frequent maintenance.

On the other hand, Equinox louvered roofs have become the unrivaled top choice for covered patio applications because they are made with highly durable, extruded aluminum. Equinox louvered roofs also have solar powered motorized louvers that offer the benefits of solid roofs and pergolas based on your choice of how to best enjoy the current day’s weather.

Equinox louvered roofs are also very popular in commercial applications.  You may have seen them when dining at your favorite restaurant that has outdoor seating. More homeowners are investing in these types of patio covers, to increase the enjoyment and relaxation of their outdoor living spaces. In addition to this, having a patio covering with the ability to open and close the roof whenever needed gives you great insurance that “you’re covered” regardless of weather when you host your next house party.

Here is why louvered Equinox louvered roofs have become a trendsetter in 2023.

Remote control

Lounging becomes more tranquil when you don’t have to get up or use a mechanical lever to close or open the roof. Equinox louvers come with hi-tech remote controlled operations that are perfect to position the louvers when the sun reaches its full height or drizzle decides to spoil your party. 

Built-in gutters

Equinox louvers are precision engineered shading solutions that are perfect patio covers for any weather. Imagine, spending quality time with your loved ones and it starts to rain. Who would want raindrops in their hot cup of joe?

Equinox louvers come with an ingenious feature that efficiently keeps the area under the roof dry. The built-in gutter system in this roofing solution can be coupled with downspouts to let the water flow along the perimeter of the structure which then flows out.

Solar battery

Equinox louvers have also become a popular addition because of the renewable and sustainable energy operation. Homeowners are in love with the option of solar powered operation. The product comes with a solar battery that can be mounted discreetly on the roof and you don’t need to manage wires and power from your home.

 20 years limited warranty

Peace of mind is yet another reason that Equinox louvered roofs have become a hot trend among house owners looking for “the most affordable patio covers”. Louvers and all of the supported components in this roofing solution are warranted for 20 years. Any defects in workmanship or materials are covered under the warranty.

The ingenuity of the product can be seen in the full lifetime warranty. The brand claims that the finish of the louvers won’t chip, peel, flake or blister for twenty years. In addition to this, the power components are also warranted for 3 years to win the strong trust of customers.

 Hassle-free installation

Installation of rotating gears to create a shaded structure may sound like a lot of work. However, in reality it’s as easy as ABC. Bluebonnet Patio Covers is the only local Equinox licensed and certified dealer; we  handle all requests for installation, repairs and warranty in our area. We have a team of professionals who can help you attain comfort, style and convenience in one go. Manufactured from extruded aluminum, Equinox louvered roofs can be installed very quickly.

 Is there any downside to Equinox louvered roofs?

Louvered patio covers have become the most popular choice for enhancing the elegance and functionality of outdoor seating space. Although there are countless benefits of installing user-friendly and long lasting aluminum patio covers, still there are some limitations to the product.

The motor, the gutter system, and the solar cell make it a complex product. Hence, it is very important to hire only skilled and knowledgeable people. It requires specialized tools for installation and maintenance, otherwise, you may end up spending money on a faulty installation.

However, it’s not a downside if you get your pergola roof installed by us!

Bluebonnet is a premium patio cover company and the only Equinox licensed and certified dealer in Austin, New Braunfels, and San Antonio. We offer state-of-art installation and maintenance services. Our team of experts can help you design the most inviting and functional outdoor living space. Get in touch with us  now to learn more about patio covers of all kinds and get a free on site estimate.

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