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As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. And when it comes to outdoor living spaces, this holds true. Homeowners in Austin, Texas, are always looking for ways to enhance their homes with practical and stylish additions. One such addition is a patio cover, providing protection from the elements and allowing for year-round enjoyment of the backyard. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect one for your home. That’s where Bluebonnet Patio Covers comes in.

Bluebonnet Patio Covers is the premier patio cover builder for the entire state of Texas. With years of experience and dedication to quality, we have become the go-to company for all residential and commercial patio cover projects. Our team is committed to providing the best products and professional service for homeowners in Austin and all major areas in Texas.

When it comes to patio covers, one product that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the Magnatrack retractable screen. This versatile and innovative screen allows for effortless and seamless integration into any outdoor living space. So if you are considering adding a Magnatrack retractable screen to your Austin home, here are some important factors to keep in mind.

Size and Location

Before making any decisions about your patio cover, it’s essential to determine the size and location of your outdoor space. This will help you figure out the optimal size and placement for your Magnatrack retractable screen. For instance, if your patio is smaller, then you may opt for a smaller screen. However, if you have a large deck or patio area, you may want to consider a larger screen to cover the entire space.

The location of your outdoor space will also play a significant role in selecting the right screen. If you have a patio cover that is attached to your home, then a vertically retractable screen would be the best option. However, if you have a freestanding patio, then a horizontally retractable screen would be more suitable. Considering these factors will ensure that your Magnatrack retractable screen fits perfectly with your outdoor living space.

Durability and Quality

One of the essential aspects to consider when selecting any patio cover is its durability and quality. This holds true for a Magnatrack retractable screen as well. The screen should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, including strong winds and heavy rains, whilst still maintaining its functionality. It should also be able to provide protection from harmful UV rays, preventing any damage to your outdoor furniture or flooring.

At Bluebonnet Patio Covers, we use only the highest quality materials in our Magnatrack retractable screens, ensuring long-lasting durability. Our screens are made of strong, powder-coated aluminum frames and high-quality mesh fabrics, making them resistant to wear and tear. You can rest assured that your screen will withstand the brutal Texas weather and last for years to come.

Customization Options

Not all outdoor living spaces are the same, which is why it’s essential to have options when it comes to customizing your Magnatrack retractable screen. You should be able to choose from various colors and finishes that complement your home’s existing design. Bluebonnet Patio Covers offers a range of custom options for our Magnatrack retractable screens, including frame color, mesh fabric color, and motorization options. With customization, you can create a screen that seamlessly integrates into your outdoor living space, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Ease of Use

Another crucial factor to consider before selecting a Magnatrack retractable screen is its ease of use. A retractable screen should be effortless to operate to ensure that you get the most out of your outdoor space. Bluebonnet Patio Covers offers both manual and motorized options for our screens, allowing for a seamless and hassle-free experience. Our motorized screens come with a remote control or wall switch, making it simple to adjust the screen as needed. With easy operation, you can easily create an open-air living space or a fully enclosed one with just a push of a button.

Installation Process

When it comes to installing any outdoor addition, homeowners are often concerned about the disruption it may cause. However, with Bluebonnet Patio Covers, you can rest easy knowing that our team of experts will handle the installation process efficiently and with minimal interruption. Our goal is to provide you with a top-notch patio cover that adds value to your home, and we ensure that the installation process is as smooth as possible.


Selecting the right Magnatrack retractable screen for your Austin home requires careful consideration of various factors, including size, location, durability, customization options, ease of use, and the installation process. Bluebonnet Patio Covers is dedicated to providing the best options for our customers, ensuring that they are completely satisfied with their new patio cover. With our experience, expertise, and commitment to quality, we are confident that we can find the perfect Magnatrack retractable screen for your outdoor living space.


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