If you’ve spent a lot of time and effort furnishing & decorating your home for comfort and beauty, you’re not alone.  We all want our homes to be a relaxing refuge from the world as well as a great place to entertain our friends and family.

But what about your outdoor living space? Is it getting the attention it deserves?

Just imagine having a sprawling backyard with a designated space for your outdoor lawn furniture and perhaps even an outdoor kitchen.  Feels good, doesn’t it? The only problem is that the time spent outside can be cut short by rain or harsh weather conditions.

 A patio cover roof is no less than a blessing for city dwellers with limited real estate. If you want to spend some time outside, you definitely can consider covering up the patio. Take your interior design style outside with patio covers. Here are the top reasons you should consider adding it to this year’s home renovation checklist.

A designer patio makes a good first impression

Invest in patio covers if you want to increase the overall appeal of your home. A well-designed patio with a designated area for lounging is the ideal place to spend with family and entertain your friends, turning it into one of the primary social hubs of your home.

If having a beautiful outdoor living space is something you desire, then a covered roof that accommodates your design preferences is likely in your future. Those who are wondering which are the best patio covers near me can consider our louvered roof panels.

The most versatile and fully adjustable patio cover is Equinox Louvered Roof System. This can be a conversation starter during the Sunday brunches. This totally versatile roof cover will stun your friends or family. With a touch of a button you can get the roof fully open to fully shut.

The louvers are solar battery powered and can be designed to seamlessly blend with any architectural style. The remote controlled roof not only increases the value of your home but also offers you the flexibility to choose between an open and covered patio.

Patio covers are beneficial to increase the seating space

Do you feel sad when guests come over and your living room feels cramped?

You simply cannot knock down the walls between your living area and the dining nook to create more space for seating. The most obvious and wisest choice is the outdoor living space.  If you invest in patio covers, you can plan for ample seating space and host barbeque dinners, have a game night or enjoy roasting marshmallows on weekends with your loved ones.

Bluebonnet Patio Covers has plenty of solutions to increase the outdoor seating space. One economical choice is the very popular retractable awnings that are perfect to add some extra seating area on decks and patios. The shading solution is ideal to host a summer party by the poolside. Moreover, the self-storing awning reduces the hassle of removing and storing the shades during the off-season.

Covered patios are great for families with kids

Parenting can be challenging for many reasons, not least of which is having enough space for the kids. You cannot keep your kids confined to their rooms and the kitchen can get cramped quickly when it becomes the gathering place.  Plus, kids need outdoor time as well.  A covered patio with comfortable seating options is also great for tired parents, who can simply pick a corner for lounging and at the same time keep an eye on the kids enjoying more time in the backyard.

When the little ones are done jumping around, they can cuddle with you in the outdoor living space you just created under the covered patio space.

One of the best-selling patio covers in New Braunfels are the Snap-n-Lock insulated panels. These energy efficient building panels are getting immensely popular among homeowners looking for a patio shade at an affordable price.

The snap lock fastening feature makes it easy to install. The color options include the all-time favourite white and ivory with some unique shades like Sandstone and even Bronze.

Patio covers are maintenance free

 Understandably, every home renovation decision you make is based on a thoughtful comparison of the pros and cons. Fortunately, patio covers don’t have any downsides to them.

Having a patio cover is great from a financial viewpoint. You won’t be spending hundreds of dollars on the maintenance of the covers.

For instance, you can consider the option of Alumawood Shade Structures. The wonderful product allows you to imitate the look of a traditional wood roof but without the hectic maintenance and upkeep that wooden roofs need.

These roof covers are made from powder coated aluminium that doesn’t crack or peel. Moreover, it is easy to wash off the dirt and keep the patio covers like new forever. These structures come in multiple color options that seamlessly blend with your existing décor scheme.

Closing thoughts

A well-designed patio brings you closer to the greenery in your yard space. Apart from being good for your mental and physical health, a thoughtfully designed patio adds value to your home. Give your yard a makeover and it will work wonders for your overall well-being.

So just say to yourself, “I can discover endless design opportunities and make the outdoors look amazing, all I need is to find one of the best covered patio contractors near me”.

Discover the economical, easy to install and maintenance free options available at Bluebonnet Patio Covers. Our products are gaining immense recognition for their durability, value for money, performance, and broad array of color and finish options. Get a quote for your favorite patio cover option or connect with us to learn more about the size specifications and installation.

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