Do you long to enjoy your backyard and the outdoors more often, but the Texas heat and rains don’t cooperate?  Not only can the harsh sun and heavy rain keep you feeling trapped indoors, it can also damage your home over time. The adverse climate is not just bad for exteriors, it also affects the interiors and can also impact the energy efficiency of your home.

Retractable awnings are a stylish solution to the aforementioned problems. Covering the backyard, deck, or patio with awnings can transform the way your home looks…and feels. Additionally, it’s also considered a home upgrade for a lot of reasons. Let’s find out why you should consider investing in awnings.

 What are retractable awnings and how do they work?

Awnings are highly affordable shading solutions for decks and patios. A patio awning is easily mounted on the wall, soffit, or roof. Retractable awnings are highly popular these days for their self-storing design. These can be opened or closed either with a hand crank or a motor. Awnings are made from high quality fabric that is available in various solid and striped fabric colors. They are available in custom sizes and can be installed with a choice of frame colors.

 What are the benefits of having a retractable awning?

This life enhancing addition actually insulates part of your home against harsh weather and transforms a dull looking back patio or deck into a stylish living area. Here are a few reasons why awnings are highly beneficial to homeowners. 

  1. Energy saving: Awnings play a crucial role in reducing your utility bills. Sunlight and glare into windows shielded by your awning can be reduced by up to 94%. The reduces the requirement for cooling energy by up to 17%. Awnings can literally pay for themselves.
  2. Sun protection: Harsh sun rays are damaging the expensive outdoor furniture and carpet you have on your deck. Get an awning and attain the benefit of up to 99% UV protection. Sit and spend some quality time with your loved ones without stressing over harmful UV rays.
  3. Stylish addition: No need to worry about rain drizzles spoiling your “me time” or your family and entertaining time. All you have to do is open the awning and continue relaxing and sipping your hot cup of joe. The climate also won’t ruin your family parties if you have a protected area to enjoy the outdoors in, rain or shine.
  4. Add value to your home: Awnings can keep your patio or deck cool and look beautiful all year long. A comfortable outdoor living area on a patio or deck also increases the appeal and value of a home.
  5. Value for money: Awnings are made from the strong material that withstands the test of time. Rust-proof aluminum extrusion combined with tough quality fabric delivers on the promise of a longer lifespan and value for money.
  6. Vast design options: Be it the color and finish of the metal frame or the shade of the awning fabric, the choices are vast. The availability of options makes it easy for homeowners to pick a product that matches perfectly with their décor scheme.
  7. User friendly: Retractable awnings can be opened or stored very easily. The fabric of awnings comes with dust proof Teflon coating, hence maintenance is very low. Unlike fixed roofs, awnings are a convenient solution to transform a deck from closed to open with just a crank (manual) or click (electric).

 Retractable Awning Solutions at Bluebonnet Patio Covers 

Bluebonnet Patio covers is the area leader in providing affordable Patio Roofing solutions. Retractable awnings are one of our best-sellers and can be either mechanical or motorized. We have a lot of options available that can be customized in your choice of dimensions. Here is a snippet of the beneficial features of retractable Sunair awnings available at Bluebonnet Patio Covers.


  1. Up to 40’ ft wide awnings with a maximum 14’ projection
  2. Limited frame warranty of up to 15 years
  3. 10 year fabric warranty and 5 year motor warranty
  4. Total 9 powder coated frame colors
  5. Easy plug in motors for automatic operation
  6. 100% acrylic fabric is solid and striped styles
  7. Corrosion resistant aluminum extrusion
  8. Two way movable arms to reduce wind damage
  9. Option for wind sensors and remote control

If you are looking for an affordable and versatile patio roof solution then you should get a quote for retractable awnings from Bluebonnet Patio Covers. We can help you install the right shading solution for your home.

Apart from the beautiful looking and energy saving Sunair awnings we have myriads of shading solutions such as Alumawood patio covers, Structall snap and lock insulated roofs, and Equinox louvered roofs which open and close.

Browse through our website and explore the best deck or patio covers that match your needs.

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