Want to add luxury to the outdoors? Invest in an attractive and low-maintenance louvered patio cover.  Choose your color and create the décor theme you had in your mind, and then buy the high-quality patio furniture you always wanted but couldn’t get because of harsh weather.

 The possibilities to design a beautiful, comfortable outdoor living area really begin to take shape when you start with some kind of shading solution. However, some patio roofs are not a great choice because they trap heat, look unpleasant, and do not offer flexibility like a modern Equinox Louvered Roof.

Louvered roofs which open and close at the touch of a button, offer the ultimate benefits of aesthetics & functionality. They are powered by a battery charged by a small solar panel on the roof.  They also have their own built-in drainage system.  A home deck covered with a louvered roof not only looks fantastic, but also allows residents to enjoy quality time outdoors no matter if it’s raining or intensely sunny outside.

In today’s post, we will discuss how to give a luxurious update to your patios. We will find out how to create a cohesive décor theme and an uber-luxe look with louvered patio covers.

Why add a covered patio?

Patio covers are great to have a cozy backyard on days of drizzle as well during the hot summer months. Moreover, shaded outdoor living space lets you create an inviting atmosphere which is ideal for gatherings in any weather.  A shaded patio also creates the perfect outdoor office for those who work remotely and need fresh air to let the creative juices flow.

Why are louvered patio covers the best?

Many traditional patio roofs look bulky; with fewer style options and dated or limiting choices. Pergolas often let too much light through, and solid roofs can create dark spaces, trap heat on a patio, and often have drainage issues.  Many of the cheaper roofing solutions are also not as durable and are truly an example of “you get what you pay for”.

High end homes deserve louvered patio covers that offer the benefits of beauty, flexibility and functionality.  These versatile patio covers are in high demand.  You can be outside enjoying the rain while sitting under a fully covered patio roof and enjoy the summer breeze by setting the angle of louvers ideal for ventilation.

A stately patio also increases the value of your home.  The creative roofing solution of louvers is also highly durable because the louvers are made of extruded aluminum, which is why Equinox provides a 20-year limited warranty for their louvered roofs.  Host outdoor gatherings, maximize the seating space and create dedicated zones to spend quality time with your loved ones, without having to worry about the weather. All you need is an Equinox louvered roof which is one of the best sellers amongst all covered patios.

To put it simply, patio covers are ideal to make the outdoors more enjoyable and Equinox louvered roofs are one of the best sellers because of the ultimate benefits of flexibility, beauty, durability and value for money.


Equinox louvered roof becomes the ultimate choice for covered patios. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, live life uninterrupted with the premium features of Equinox louvered roof.

  • Precision engineered

The advanced precision engineered construction lets you angle the louvers in a position to enjoy maximum ventilation and ultimate sun protection.  Made from lightweight extruded aluminum, Equinox louvered roofs do not have problems of rotting, warping or damage from the harsh sun. They are extremely durable and maintenance free.

  • Remote controlled operation

The motorized louvers can be positioned conveniently to a desired angle either with a wall mounted button or a remote control.

  • Built in gutters

Designed with precisely angled gutters, the Equinox louvered roof ensures that the area underneath stays dry during a drizzle.

  • Solar powered

These roofs can be operated by solar power. The solar battery cells mount discreetly on the roof and eliminate the hassle of wiring or power connection from the house.

 Style and personalization

Investing in one of the best patio covers is a great enhancement to your home.  However, the biggest challenge that homeowners face is the hassles of matching styles and mixing design elements. The best part about Equinox louvered roof is the provision of customization. Get the finish you want and integrate the roofing design into the existing architectural style. Whether you have gable roofs, bay windows or angled walls, there is a style and finish option available to match your preferences.

Cost of ownership

With a 20 year warranty and a maintenance free lifetime, Equinox louvered roof is a budget-friendly roofing solution. The total cost of ownership depends on the size of the patio and the features you select. For an estimate, you can contact our design experts to learn more about the suitable style, finishes, features, and fully installed cost.

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