Green design has become a buzzword lately. The depletion of natural resources has resulted in a growing concern for sustainable practices. Whether it’s industrial development or home design, a cleaner environment with reduced reliance on non-renewable resources has become a priority.

Sustainable designs have taken the architectural world by storm. Leading architects and designers are inclined towards upcycling and recyclability practices. One such notion is to leverage the sustainability potential of aluminum patio covers.

A patio cover protects the outdoor living space from extreme temperatures and unpredictable weather. If you’re considering a patio cover, make sure it is designed from durable materials that allow for use all year long. Sustainable designers focus on creating a perfect patio environment that:

  • Looks beautiful
  • Is energy efficient
  • Uses sustainable materials
  • Has a market appeal

All of this can be achieved with consideration for the primary material for the patio cover.

If you are searching for patio covers in San Antonio, make sure to search for aluminum products. Aluminum performs well in the climatic conditions of San Antonio and is an ideal material for long-term residential applications because of its strength.

Is aluminum a component of green design?

Green design refers to the practice of creating living spaces with minimized impact on the environment. Since aluminum is a highly recyclable material, it can be considered a useful element to incorporate into most applications of green design.

It is estimated that about 75% of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Recycling aluminum is also an energy efficient practice. The durability factor of extruded aluminum also makes it the right choice for sustainable design applications.

Based on the life cycle assessments of aluminum, it can be stated that patio covers which are made from aluminum have a lesser environmental impact. So if you are also planning to create a sustainable and green outdoor living space, consider any green patio cover designs which are discussed here.

Which are the best sustainable patio cover designs?

Extruded aluminum is relatively lightweight, durable and highly recyclable.  Here are some environmental and personal comfort benefits you can get from various patio cover types.

  1. Louvered patio covers: The design flexibility you need for your home can be obtained from the stunning aluminum patio covers that come in louvered panels. These beams and rafters are great for creating a peaceful living space. The louvered patio cover panels are made from extruded aluminum which is indeed the best choice for a sustainable design. These motorized patio louvers can be positioned to a desired angle to create a well-ventilated outdoor living space while blocking sunlight. Even when it rains, the louvers can be angled to a fully closed position to keep the areas underneath dry and these roofs have their own built in gutter system.

Moreover, louvered panels have become the preferred option for green patio covers because of the option of solar powered functionality. Our designs include a sleek and discreet solar battery cell on top of the louvered patio covers, which also contributes to sustainability.

Solar power option is particularly beneficial for homeowners who want to create a stand-alone pergola-style roof in their yard and don’t have a nearby power source. Options on these roofs include integrating misting systems, heaters, fans, and lights.

The key highlights of louvered patio covers:

  • Ideal patio environment regardless of weather
  • User friendly motorized operation with remote control
  • Adds versatility to your patio roof
  • Style and customization options available
  1. Insulated patio cover panels: Yet another energy efficient product that can transform your outdoor living space is an insulated patio cover. These lightweight panels can hold up to harsh weather conditions and the insulated core offers the benefit of remarkable energy savings. These panels come with a coating that prevents ultraviolet destruction and creates a waterproof seal. These panels are available in a wide assortment of styles, including textured or embossed finish. Aluminum is a lightweight yet robust building material, hence installation of lights and fans is also permissible in such patio covers.

The key highlights of insulated patio covers:

  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Durable and maintenance free
  • Waterproof seal
  1. Alumawood patio covers: These patio covers are made from aluminum and offer the aesthetics of wood. Compared to the lifespan of real wood, aluminum is a better, more cost-efficient, maintenance free and sustainable choice for patio covers. It is a great product for those who like the rich grains and textures of wood but don’t want to invest in a patio cover that needs frequent maintenance. Unlike wood, alumawood patio covers don’t warp, rot, damage or need polishing or repainting all the time. It is a great alternative to real wood and has become one of the top choices for architects using the green design concept.

The key highlights of alumawood patio covers:

  • Mimics the aesthetics of wood
  • Highly durable and maintenance free
  • Sustainable choice

How much does a sustainable patio cover cost?

Many people have this assumption that sustainable design has a higher upfront cost. However, sustainability practices are more cost-efficient in the long run. The cost of a green design basically depends on the type of material you select and the size of the patio. There can be additional costs for specialized design considerations and energy efficiency features. The overall cost can also be influenced by installation requirements.

Aluminum patio covers are not very expensive; there are products available for various budget sizes. For an exact cost estimate, it is best to consult patio cover design and installation experts. Knowledgeable individuals can better understand your requirements and budget, and suggest the best-suited sustainable product for your outdoor living space.

 Where to find sustainable patio covers near me?

Bluebonnet Patio Covers is a premium patio roofing company. We are recognized as specialists in sustainable design. We have a myriad of options available in aluminum patio covers. Whether you want louvers or insulated panels, solid roofs or pergola-style, we can help you create a relaxing oasis in the yard. Bluebonnet is the only Equinox certified supplier of patio covers in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Austin.  Browse through our catalogs and find stunning choices like white, ivory, beige and more color options in satin or matte finish. Get a quote right now if you want to install a sustainable patio cover at your home.


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